• Multilateral Junction System  


    The multilateral junction system allows access into a lateral hole coming off the main hole. This enables an efficient, concurrent production. The system is run-in together with the casing into the lateral hole, oriented by torsion, and fixed into the casing window. Integrity in the main hole is ensured by cementation and use of openhole packers. Different completions of lateral holes are possible and additional hole sections can be drilled and cased. There are no restrictions in diameters caused by this system. If required, various diverter sleeves belonging to system can be exchanged during intervention.


    • Lateral junction provides full access to main and lateral hole
    • Integrity of the lateral junction is provided through cementation or means of openhole packer/swell packer
    • Access to main and lateral hole is provided by exchanging diverter sleeves
    • Consolidated production out of the main and lateral hole
    • Field development through one hole with several laterals in environmentally sensitive areas