• GSP Liner Hanger


    The GSP liner hanger was primarily designed for deviated and horizontal holes and for heavy liner. Its slips are recessed into a special profile at the rotating body. This ensures trouble-free installation and uniform load distribution in the setting section. In set and non-set state, the GSP liner hanger allows a very high bypass, so a high flow rate with low pressure loss is ensured.



    • Non-weld design, one-piece body with premium threads
    • Slips are recessed into a special profile at the rotating body to prevent from premature setting during running
    • Slips and cone are designed to minimize casing stress
    • All hydraulic seals remain stationary during rotation of the liner
    • Improved seal stack in the hydraulic cylinder; HP/HT seals
    • Capable of hanging long, heavy liners
    • Large annular flow area in set and unset position
    • Hydraulic lock of slips prevents premature setting during running (optional)
    • Rotating/non-rotating (optional)