• GS Liner Hanger


    Our GS liner hanger was primarily designed for vertical and slightly deviated holes. A special design that incorporates external slips means that large slip segments are formed, allowing high vertical loads to be achieved with the GS liner hanger. As the position of the slips in the GS liner hanger is below the cone, a trouble-free running-in is ensured. In set and non-set condition, the GS liner hanger allows a very high bypass, so a high flow rate with low pressure loss is ensured.



    • Non-weld design, one-piece body with premium threads
    • Slips and cone are designed to minimize casing stress
    • All hydraulic seals remain stationary during rotation of the liner
    • Improved seal stack in the hydraulic cylinder; HP/HT seals
    • Capable of hanging long, heavy liners
    • Large annular flow area in set and unset position
    • Hydraulic lock of slips prevents from premature setting during running (optional)
    • Rotating/non-rotating (optional)