• Float Equipment - Special Shoes


    The excentric guide nose of our revolver shoe is especially designed for long liners in deviated or horizontal holes. A special profile inside the revolver shoe triggers a rotation of the guide nose when weight is slacked of and the liner is pulled again. Every time the weight is applied on the guide nose and the string reciprocated, the guide nose turns about 20 degrees by itself until the excentric nose is newly oriented to guide the liner back on track.

    For drilling through lost circulation materials the CB drill shoe can be provided with tungsten carbide inserts.

    For drilling sections with liner the drill shoe can also be provided with PDC inserts. Both types of drill shoes enable drilling of the next sections below.



    • All internal parts are PDC drillable
    • Provides the landing seat for cementing plugs
    • Acts as a backup to the float collar/shoe with the plugs latched and sealed
    • Various shoe configurations available
    • Floats are spring-loaded, poppet-type valve
    • Floats molded in place with high-strength concrete
    • Floats are available with single or double poppet valve
    • Float shoes available with cement round nose, blade guide nose, or profiled excentric nose (supports passing obstruction)