• Duo Wiper Plug


    The duo wiper plug system ensures a bilateral separation of the cement column in the drill pipe and liner. The system is attached to the setting tool and placed in the first liner casing joint below the liner hanger. The lower part of the duo wiper plug is released by the first drill-pipe dart and pumped to the landing collar. By the landing on the landing collar, a short pressure increase takes place and the cement can be displaced further. The upper part of the duo wiper plug is released by a second drill-pipe dart and pumped down to the landing collar (limit stop). The duo wiper plug interlocks in the Landing Collar, allowing an optimized drill-out.


    • No contamination of the cement with mud
    • Simple and reliable duo wiper plug system
    • Emergency release feature for the top plug
    • No risk of a stuck inner sleeve of the top wiper plug
    • High-strength design allows high bump pressure
    • Anti-rotating mechanism to reduce drill-out time