• Cementing Head - Double Plug


    The top drive cementing head is located between the top drive system of the drilling rig and the drill pipe. The cementing head also provides the interface through the top drive cementing head swivel to the cementing lines of the cementing unit. The top drive cementing head consists of a solid body with an integral bypass system to displace mud, spacer, and cement slurry during the entire operation. Two drill-pipe darts can be accommodated inside the top drive cementing head to avoid contamination of the cement slurry with mud. With the top drive cementing head the liner can be rotated, depending on the liner hanger system provided, to enhance the quality of the cement in the annulus.


    • Unrestricted bore after plug or ball has been dropped
    • Large flow area accommodates high displacement rates
    • Anti-rotation tie-off integral to swivel housing
    • Drill-pipe darts and setting ball are completely separated from the bypass
    • High load capicity
    • Flag sub indicator
    • Non-top drive cementing head suitable for long and heavy liner