• Inflatable Packers  


    The inflatable production injection packer, which can be applied in vertical or deviated wells, is used for isolating zones in open hole or casing. The tool is retrievable and may be used for testing, treating, production, or injection. High-strength aircraft cable is used to provide improved expansion characteristics in washed-out or irregular wellbores and high differential pressure capabilities. Cable reinforcement allows these inflatable packer elements to return very close to the original run-in diameter.


    Greater clearance through restrictions in a well.
    • Enables use in various applications, including vertical or deviated wells.
    Packer element is cable reinforced.
    • Provides superior bonding of rubber to cable, meaning less rubber is likely to be lost downhole.
    Pressure can be fully equalized across the packer element prior to unsetting the packer.
    • Minimizes packer element damage.