• Flow Lock Sub

    The Flow Lock Sub is part of an open hole multistage completion that allows circulation through the completion string until setting of hydraulic equipment above it is required.



    After a ball is dropped from surface and circulated down to the Flow Lock Sub, increasing the system pressure will shift the internal components of the Flow Lock Sub and shut-in the circulating bypass ports. Hydraulic equipment above may be set, and pressure integrity is maintained above and below the Flow Lock Sub, even if the ball rolls off the seat.



    • Ball activated sleeve seals off the casing ID from the annulus
    • Once sealed, the Flow Lock Sub seals from above and below the sub
    • Compatible with a range of ball ODs
    • Field adjustable activation pressure


    • Once the flow path is closed, it is locked close, even without the activation ball in place
    • Provides a reliable method to set pressure activated components in the wellbore


    • Open hole completions that require setting of pressure activated tools such as packers