• Cementing Plugs

    Cementing plugs are used to remove the mud during cementing operations. Two types of cementing plugs are used in the cementing process: bottom cementing plug and top cementing plug. The top cementing plug has a solid body that provides positive indication of contact with the landing collar and bottom plug through an increase in pump pressure. The bottom cementing plug is launched ahead of the cement slurry to minimize contamination by fluids inside the casing prior to cementing.

    Available in standard and non-rotating versions.  
    • Allows customers to choose the right cementing plugs according to float equipment type.
    Inner cementing materials are aluminum alloy or nitrile butadiene rubber.  
    • Makes the plugs easier to drill and enables use in higher temperatures.
    Top plug and bottom plug are color coated for production.  
    • Enables easy identification for proper use.


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