• Cement Head

    Our Cement Head offers a versatile means of launching a variety of cementing wiper plugs and darts. It has a very high maximum working pressure, which will not limit the cementing operation, unlike similar heads in the industry. Additionally, the robust design and field-proven track record ensure that the cementing operations are completed quickly, efficiently and correctly.

    Cement Head



    • Large internal space accommodates a wide range of wiper plug and darts
    • Quick connect bottom sub can be configured for 5.5" and 4.5" casing
    • Can be crossed over to any connection as per customer requirements
    • Top drive cap allows for tension and compression to be applied to the casing
    • while running in hole


    • 10,000 psi working pressure
    • Longer center-to-center inner bore than conventional cement heads in the industry
    • Use of an indication wire provides confirmation darts are launched
    • Plug drop assembly is robust and reliable


    • Cementing operations in conventional and unconventional reservoirs