• ReAct Tracer Valve

    The function of the ReAct™ Tracer Valve (RTV) is to introduce a chemical tracer into the production fluid, upon expiry of a pre-programmed time delay. It is normally installed as an integral part of the lower completion string in either the motherbore and/or lateral section of the well.



    Installation of the RTV can provide effective reservoir and well surveillance information without the normal risk and cost associations with intervention operations or intelligent completion hardware. A selection of tracer strips can be installed into the RTV for gradual dispersal and/or a tracer fluid can be stored in the RTV’s tracer chamber for a larger chemical fingerprint, over a shorter time frame.

    The sealed tracer chamber is opened via the RTV’s ReAct electronic actuation systems, which features two ReAct electronic units, which are totally independent of each other for full redundancy.

    Following a delay of up to 150 days the ReAct electronic actuation systems allows well pressure to flood an atmospheric chamber and provide in excess of 30,000 lbs opening force to shift a containment sleeve to the open position. In doing so, the well flow is permitted to flow through the tracer chamber via the machined flow slots, driving the tracer into the wellbore fluids.



    • Field proven electronics
    • Delayed activation of up to 150 days
    • Two independent electronic actuation systems
    • Flow slots to drive tracer


    • Well clean-up monitoring
    • Long term inflow monitoring
    • Water break-thru location
    • Reservoir flow
    • Cross flow evaluation


    • Reducing cost and risk
    • Full control on tracer introduction
    • Reservoir and wellbore surveillance