• ReAct Liner Shoe

    The ReAct™ Liner Shoe (RLS) is a well pressure control device that is designed to be installed below ReAct Completion Valves in the horizontal section of a well. It is deployed as part of the liner in the open position so that it can auto fill the liner and allow for pumping operations to be performed.

    The RLS may be programmed to close upon the expiry of a pre-determined ReAct time delay, or alternatively by using ReAct pressure recognition technology. In addition a combination of both the above methods may also be utilized.



    Two robust independent sets of ReAct electronic circuits and two independent operating mechanisms provides 100% redundancy. Once closed the valve is mechanically locked in the closed position, creating a pressure barrier between the liner and the reservoir. This will allow for multiple pressure tests to be carried out to test the completion, set the packer and also initiate the ReAct Completion Valves.



    • Field proven electronics
    • Delayed closing for up to 120 days
    • Field proven and reliable technology
    • HPHT compatible (165 deg C)
    • Two independent electronic circuits
    • Two Independent operating mechanisms
    • Protected sealing surfaces prior to activation


    • Remote barrier in horizontal wells
    • Provides ability to pump through liner during deployment
    • Holds pressure from above and below once activated
    • Allows upper completion packers to be set without the need for intervention
    • Allows pressure testing of upper completion


    • Large flow area
    • Auto fills the liner during deployment
    • Allows the liner to be pumped through
    • Eliminates the need for an inner work string
    • No Intervention/Manipulation required
    • Closes to provide pressure integrity after a predetermined time delay, or pressure signal, or a combination of both