• ReAct Completion Circulation Valve

    The ReAct™ Completion Circulation Valve (RCCV) is a remotely activated completion valve that is run above the upper completion production packer. The valve incorporates our unique ReAct technology, which allows downhole tools to be remotely activated without the need of control lines or intervention runs.

    The valve offers significant cost and time savings compared to conventional operations. Dependent on the well design, either multiple wireline runs can be eliminated or in many cases entire middle completion strings can be eliminated; saving both significant rig time and cost.



    The RCCV can be deployed above any packer and is run closed to allow for packer setting and packer/ tubing testing. Once the production packer is set, the operator can pressure test the tubing against the closed RCCV. Applying increased annulus pressure then bursts a rupture disk to open communication ports to circulate between the tubing and the annulus and vice versa.

    Once the tool is open, tubing fluid is then circulated out to a lighter fluid to allow the well to flow naturally. The valve is then closed by applying a ReAct™ pressure signal.
    In addition to fully redundant primary and back up ReAct™ modules; the RCCV has full mechanical redundancy with a standard mechanical shifting tool in the unlikely event that it is not possible to activate any of the ReAct modules.

    The ReAct Completion Circulation Valve has great flexibility as all of the operational parameters are fully adjustable up until deployment.



    • Incorporates our unique ReAct Technology
    • Standard, field proven NOV electronics
    • Dual electronic redundancy
    • Valve permanently locked shut after operation
    • Shifting profiles provided to allow manual override
    • V0 qualified in accordance with ISO 14998


    • Displacement of completion fluids


    • No need for control lines
    • No need for intervention runs to operate valve
    • Can eliminate middle completion strings
    • Maximum flow area through circulating ports
    • Pressure signal can be fully adjusted up until deployment