• i-Tip

    The i-Tip™ is a battery-driven scale removal tool run on slick line, designed to clean the inside of Surface Controlled Subsurface Safety Valves (SCSSVs). Once landed in the Safety Valve no-go, the i-Tip brush is accurately positioned above the flow tube area of the SCSSV. The brush will rotate and clean scale and debris inside this critical area of the SCSSV allowing the flow tube to move up and close to the SCSSV. The trigger mechanism is activated by jar action, and the i-Tip brush rotates until the battery is empty. When retrieving the tool, a circuit breaker prevents any unintentional rotation that could be caused by residual battery power. The i-Tip can be used for regular preventive cleaning trips, or when required to troubleshoot SVSSVs that have lost their functionality. The i-Tip allows cleaning of the Safety Valve in the well, minimizing the need for running insert valves reducing the inside diameter (ID) in the well.




    • Motor operated with re-chargeable batteries
    • Qualified to suit gas applications, trapped gas bleed off
    • Compact tool
    • Tailor made brush design
    • Acid resistant
    • Modular design


    • No requirement for e-line
    • Safe to operate, no trapped pressure when retrieved from well
    • Compact and portable; short mobilization time
    • Adaptable for various SCSSV models
    • Compatible with scale dissolvers
    • Flexible design to suit various profiles


    • Well maintenance
    • SCSSV recovery