• i-Jar

    i-Jar™ is a hydraulic, high impact slickline jar available in various configurations. The jar has a temperature compensating system making it suitable for high temperature conditions. The i-Jar is pressure balanced and tension compensated, and the accelerator can easily be set up to normal or heavy duty operations by changing the springs. With an optimized design, the i-Jar has a low maintenance requirement.

    Shortstroke – Short overall make-up length, used where rig up heights are limited.
    Heavystroke – High impact, robust and reliable jar for heavy duty applications.
    Xtremestroke – Heavy duty jar and accelerators for fishing applications.
    Autostroke – Low friction self-cocking jar for deviated and horizontal wells.
    Dualstroke – Reliable double acting jar made for use together with well tractor or equivalent self-propelling device.





    • Temperature compensation
    • Fully pressure balanced patented load-compensated time delay
    • Hydraulic module protected against gas
    • Heavy duty properties
    • New low friction, “easy latch” system
    • Large ventilation port system in accelerator and jar
    • Modular design, easy to redress and maintain with long service intervals


    • Ideal for HT environments
    • Ensures functionality regardless of well conditions - easy to use
    • Ideal for gas wells
    • High impact, even at low pull force
    • Ensures re-latching in deviated wells
    • Allows debris to pass without being trapped inside
    • Flexible and user-friendly, with reduced service costs


    • Any wireline operation requiring high impact quality jars