• i-Shift

    The i-Shift™ is a reliable selective hydraulic shifting tool to operate sliding sleeves (SSD). The tool is activated by flow at desired depths to open or close sleeves multiple times during the same run. The i-Shift can be supplied with various keys to allow shifting of a wide range of SSDs. It can be configured as a down, up or dual acting manipulation tool, depending on client request. Combined with the i-Stroke™ impact hammer, Completion Solutions can deliver the optimal technology for all hydraulic shifting operations.




    • Available in single up, down or (as tandem in) dual operation
    • Robust construction and emergency release function
    • Carbide insert on top of keys
    • Changeable nozzles
    • Wash ports under keys
    • Interchangeable keys


    • Flexible setup for all needs
    • Ensure safe operation and retrieval from well
    • Prevents wearing of critical profile
    • Adjustable activation flow rate
    • Debris-resistant
    • Suitable for various sleeve profiles


    • Coiled tubing and drill string shifting operations