• Water injection is a common method for secondary and improved oil recovery, but traditional solutions involve the installation of processing equipment on scarce topside area. Compatibility between injected and formation water, well availability in a field development, and the reach of the injected water are additional factors that further complicate secondary recovery. Recognizing that a new, better solution for water-related challenges was necessary, we developed the Seabox subsea water treatment system.

    Moving water treatment subsea with the Seabox system removes the space and weight constraints of typical topside installation and eliminates dependence on supporting infrastructure. Furthermore, water treatment at the seabed is more effective due to access to raw seawater and an unrestricted footprint. The Seabox system provides proven disinfection and solid-removal capabilities—ensuring the injected water is of the highest quality—and reducing the sediment level improves reservoir sweep efficiency.

    After an earlier joint industry project and several trials, Seabox has now been installed on a test project for a real-field application as part of a major operator’s assessment program in the North Sea. Early results have been positive, and the Seabox system will complete this program in Q2 2019. Progress will also continue on the full SWIT™ system for subsea low salinity and/or sulfate removal.

    To learn more about how Seabox works and its benefits to the current water treatment market, read our feature article in the December issue of World Oil.

    Published Date: 2018-12-14
    Source: National Oilwell Varco