• We recently achieved success with a major operator in India with our Tolteq™ TruVertical™️ tool. The client needed to monitor and directionally steer a vertical well to less than 4° where previous wells had deviated due to geological disturbances. Conventional methods such as stabilizer placement, controlled RPM, and WOB parameters had previously proven unsuccessful. The client selected our TruVertical unmanned system as a solution, reducing the crew size to only the required directional driller. The TruVertical tool was paired with our 7/8 5.0 Vector™ drilling motor, allowing the client to steer the well back towards vertical from 5.85° at 1071 m to 3.74° at total depth (1194 m) while maintaining a vertical well profile and successfully reaching the target zone.

    "We're excited to see the continued success of our Tolteq product line," noted Ozzy Silva, product line manager for drift tools. "The TruVertical tool is notably different from typical vertical monitoring tools because it's designed to operate as an unmanned system. That means we can reduce the amount of people at the rigsite, improving safety and reducing costs."

    The TruVertical️ tool is a simple and reliable vertical monitoring system that provides access to valuable directional information, including incli­nation, azimuth, and toolface. The intelligent user interface design, simple rig up, and easy operating procedure helps the operator minimize the dependency on the service provider for vertical or simple directional wells. Visit our TruVertical tool product page to learn more about how you can reduce your operating costs when drilling vertical or low-angle well sections.

    Published Date: 2018-12-18
    Source: National Oilwell Varco