• InTerra Sensors and Systems

    Our InTerra™ Sensors and Systems feature a wide variety of orientation modules, measurement-while-drilling (MWD) tools, and dynamic systems to solve your directional drilling challenges. We provide worldwide product support, managing the design, manufacture, and service of our downhole sensors and systems.

    Directional Sensors 

    Our InTerra directional sensors provide direct analog or digital data outputs or fully processed data with power management and configurable measurement protocols. Custom or standard designs are available to suit customer requirements and specific downhole applications. Coupled with industry-standard accuracy, NOV orientation modules provide superior toolface stability and measurement reliability thanks to the rigorous qualification and testing of its designs.

    Directional Systems 

    MWD technology is available on several telemetry options: electromagnetic, mud pulse, IntelliServ™ wired drillpipe, wireline, and the patented PRES™ telemetry system. There are also options for running memory-only mode for data retrieval at the surface. Our InTerra tools provide directional course measurements and relay these measurements to surface for a multitude of applications. 

    Dynamics Systems 

    Our InTerra electronics are designed and packaged to withstand harsh downhole conditions including high shocks and intense vibrations in both straighthole and directional drilling applications. Our Dynamic Systems products provide downhole dynamics recording and measurements, capturing vibration, RPM, bending, weight on bit, and torque on bit at ultrahigh frequencies. Streaming data of these parameters is also available in real time, along with downhole pressures and temperatures, via connection to the IntelliServ networked drillstring. 

    The InTerra team provides product training, instrument calibration, measurement data analysis, software, R&D, and engineering to ensure and maintain optimum drilling performance and equipment reliability for your operations.

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