• Completion Tools

    NOV executed a strategic decision to grow its presence in the global well completions market with the purchase of a line of completion tools from Trican Well Service Ltd. 

    These tools support Horizontal Multi-Stage Fracturing (HMSF) techniques with unique technologies including:

    • Ball Drop Completion Tools: Sliding sleeves that are installed in the horizontal section of the wellbore and opened by dropping a specifically sized ball from surface just prior to the start of the frac. The ball will land in a ball seat, open the sliding sleeve which will divert the fracturing fluid to the reservoir rock. Tools support open hole or cemented completions.
    • Coiled Tubing Completion Tools: Sliding sleeves are opened and stimulation is performed with coiled tubing tool systems. These technologies allow fracture fluid to be pumped either down the coiled tubing or down the coil tubing-casing annulus.
    • Plug and Perf Completion Tools: A variety of bridge plugs and toe preparation tools for plug and perf.
    • Intervention Tools: Several coiled tubing and wireline intervention tools that allow optimization of production for both horizontal and vertical completions.
    NOV's Completion Tool business unit has operations in Canada, Norway, Russia and the United States and will be expanding into other regions in the near future. NOV plans to continue to grow its product suite of lower and upper completion tools to be strategically positioned in the market in order to serve the needs of our customers.

    For immediate product inquiries, please email us at completiontools@nov.com

  • Completion Tools

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